About Us

Adura International Magazine is a specialized Christian magazine for white garment churches in Nigeria and overseas, and these churches include Cherubim & Seraphim, Celestial Church of Christ and Church of The Lord Aladura, among others.

Its primary objectives include informing and enlightening the world about these churches with the intention of changing the negative public perception they have suffered, while elevating their collective public profile by challenging and changing the stereotypes against them by other Christians.

The magazine, both offline and online, was designed to propagate the gospel of Christ through the lens of the white garment churches while promoting and bringing issues about them to the world as well.

More importantly, Adura International Magazine seeks to enlighten, entertain, and spiritually uplift the fast-growing number of youths in and out of the white garment ministries.

We are run by Adura Foundation International, a faith-based not-for-profit organisation anchored on two core mandates of enlightening the world about white garment denominations and provide help, support and happiness to the poorest people in the society through humanitarian activities.

The core objectives of the foundation are:

a. To enlighten the world about white garment wearing churches with the intention of changing their negative public perception.

b. To promote and bring issues/voices of the white garment-wearing churches to the world through a quarterly Adura International Magazine, our online platform and other publications as may be deemed necessary.

c.   To change stereotypes against white garment wearing churches by other Christians in Nigeria and overseas.

d. To raise funds from the sale of the magazine, mementoes, books, and donors,  among other sources, to carry out humanitarian activities aimed at helping the needy and the very poor in fighting poverty, hunger, diseases, among others.

e. To provide humanitarian support for indigent children, people living with disabilities, senior citizens, homeless persons, widows, internally displaced persons and victims of natural disasters, among others, in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

f. To empower the youth through entrepreneurship, Information Technology, digital training, support and mentoring, among others.

g. To provide Leadership Training Centre where hands-on training, seminars, and conferences tailored towards preparing white garment church leaders for elevated performance and delivery in their ministries.

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